Clean Air Task Force

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What others are saying about CATF

Lynn Thorp, Clean Water Action's National Campaigns Coordinator, and Bob Wendelgass, CWA's Interim President:
Clean Water Fund's long-term collaboration with Clean Air Task Force has significantly enhanced the effectiveness and impact of our grassroots-based organizing and campaigns. We particularly value CATF's strategic insight, highly credible research and policy analysis, and leadership in connecting our efforts to those of others around the country.
Sue Tierney, Managing Principal, Analysis Group, Inc., Boston
Among the many nonprofit organizations dedicated to addressing atmospheric pollution, the Clean Air Task Force distinguishes itself by navigating the complex terrain with technically rich analyses, intellectually rigorous assessments, and compelling and brave arguments. CATF is willing to dig deep for answers on cutting edge issues, and then address policy issues from factually grounded positions. It is a precious resource with impact significantly larger than its small size.
Eric Schaeffer, Executive Director, Environmental Integrity Project
The Clean Air Task Force has always combined skillful advocacy with original research and close analysis of the facts. CATF's careful attention not only to the law, but also to science and economics, helps us focus our work on where it will benefit the environment and public health the most. We need CATF's hardheaded approach now more than ever.
Ruth G. Hennig, Executive Director, John Merck Fund, Boston, MA
The Clean Air Task Force is not just an advocate; it's an agenda setter. Whether it's outmoded coal plants, diesel emissions, or black carbon, CATF has moved these potent climate drivers that weren't previously on the radar screen into the core solution set. In the process, they've succeeded in bringing many new allies into the climate movement. The John Merck Fund is proud to be a CATF supporter.