Clean Air Task Force

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About Us

The Clean Air Task Force is working to protect air quality and the earth's climate.

About Us About Us

Dirty Coal

Existing coal plants contribute to death, disease, and global warming.

Dirty Coal Dirty Coal

Fossil Transition

Technology exists today to virtually eliminate emissions from coal and gas plants.

Fossil Transition Fossil Transition

Dirty Diesel

Dirty diesels spew a witch's brew of pollution that threatens health and contributes to global warming.

Dirty Diesel Dirty Diesel

Clean Diesel

Particulate filters can virtually eliminate soot pollution from diesels.

Clean Diesel Clean Diesel

Climate Threats

Global warming threatens human health and ecological damage on a massive scale.

Climate Threats Climate Threats

Climate Protection

CATF is working towards solutions that will make the climate safer.

Climate Protection Climate Protection

Protecting the Atmosphere

Through Research, Advocacy, Collaboration, and Innovation.

Protecting the Atmosphere Protecting the Atmosphere
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Ahead of the Curve

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Regulation Is Needed: Making “Best” Practices Standard Practice | Apr 15 | Jonathan Banks

The recent release of the Administration’s comprehensive strategy for reducing methane emissions raises the question of how best ...   Read More »

Press Highlights

Conrad Schneider interview with E&ETV on CATF's proposed trading plan for existing source rule – March 10, 2014.   Watch Video »